The Method

Our Professional Weight Loss Coaches will Help You Set and Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

There are 3 critical things to understand about weight loss that will help you maintain a balanced weight after dieting:

  1. One of the greatest hazards of dieting is losing muscle mass along with fat.
  2. Muscle is required to burn calories. Therefore, when you decrease your muscle mass via dieting, you will have less muscle to burn calories after you return to your regular eating patterns. In other words, you will regain your lost weight. In fact, according to the National Institutes of Health, dieters regain almost all of their lost weight within 5 years after dieting.
  3. If you start dieting again you will lose yet more muscle, further inhibiting your ability to burn calories.

End The Hopeless Cycle Of Yo-Yo Dieting

The Ideal Protein Protocol is a medically derived weight loss method, developed and refined over 20 years. Our dieters receive one-on-one coaching to both motivate and educate them, ensuring they receive the knowledge to confidently make smarter lifestyle choices after dieting. It’s this dedication to helping you achieve your weight loss goals that can help bring out your inner confidence to maintain a stable weight.

Free One-On-One Coaching Throughout Your Program!

Helping You Achieve Your Weight Loss Objectives is Only the Beginning

How Many Pounds will You Lose?

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a supervised weight loss method with personalized one-on-one weekly coaching support and education. Our protocol burns fat while supporting muscle mass – why is that important? – because if a muscle is lost during dieting it inhibits your ability to burn calories post-diet.

As a result, dieters regain almost all of their lost weight within 5 years after dieting. Therefore, all of Ideal Protein’s food products contain an average of 15+ grams of protein to assist your muscle retention while you shed your excess pounds.

Empowering You To Develop Better Habits

Additionally, Ideal Protein empowers dieters with the knowledge to develop better eating habits and smarter lifestyle choices by providing education the relationship of carbohydrates to insulin production how weight gain occurs, and what to do to avoid it. Our dieters are not left with the “Now what?” question after their excess weight has been lost.

Put An End To Constant Dieting For Good!

Obesity has reached crisis proportions in our nation, and in Hawaiʻi. And despite a proliferation of fad diets, so-called ʻmiracleʻ pills, and celebrity-endorsed weight loss books, unfortunately, obesity is only getting worse.

As an affiliate of Oahu Spine and Rehab, OSR Weight Management was formed to help patients achieve optimum health through excess weight reduction and healthy weight maintenance. We developed our program initially because weight management goes hand in hand with any pain or injury treatment – it is hard for aching joints to heal when our bodies carry excess mass.

On a larger scale, OSR Weight Management also aspires to play a leading role in curtailing the obesity epidemic in Hawaiʻi. Healthy weight maintenance greatly reduces the risk of obesity-associated conditions that follow such as diabetes, high cholesterol, polycystic ovaries, and many types of cancers, while improving quality of life.

Custom Tailored Weight Loss Programs Just For Who You Are

OSR Weight Managementʻs aim is to empower each and every one of our patients to achieve their weight loss goals. Whether you have 10, 20, or even 50 or more pounds to lose, OSR Weight Management can tailor an individualized program to help you meet your weight loss goals.

These are Not Your Ordinary Dieting Products

The secret to the success of any diet plan lies in its food program. If the meals you’re required to eat are repetitive, aren’t filling, or just taste bad…you won’t be dieting for long.

  • Ideal Protein’s Weight Loss Protocol includes over fifty high-quality gourmet choices using high-quality protein.

Ideal Protein® Is Good For People With Food Sensitivities

This allows us to give dieters a multitude of food options with varying textures and flavors. Ideal Protein products are also considerate of those with sensitivities to dairy and soy, as well as vegetarians.

Your Personal Weight Loss Coach Will Keep You Going

While you’re losing weight, your personal weight loss coach will also be providing you with a smarter eating education, in order to assist you in making better post diet lifestyle choices. We don’t leave our dieters wondering “Now what” after their excess weight has been lost.

Pick up the phone and contact us today 808-380-6768, we’ll help you discover your inner confidence as we train you to shed your excess pounds and teach you how to maintain a stable weight after dieting!

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