Halloween Candy: A Treat or a Trick?

Fall is fast approaching, and when many of us think of this season of cooler temps and falling leaves, we think Halloween.  Some of your kids are probably already dreaming of their costumes, Halloween parties, trick-or-treating in Kailua – AND all the candy. Don’t let these little treats trick your body this Halloween season! What …

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Marijuana and Diabetes? What’s the Connection?

Marijuana use has been colloquially associated with “the munchies,” the phenomenon of increased appetite that can occur following use.  However, in the journal Obesity, researchers have published data showing that regular marijuana users actually have lower Body Mass Indexes (BMIs) than the general population. Since elevated BMI is associated with diabetes risk, some of the researchers’ figures seem to …

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1/2 Adults with DM/Prediabetes

There’s an important reason why every new patient at OSR Weight Management gets so many tubes of blood drawn at their first visit: in a new study, investigators have found that 50% of US adults have either outright diabetes or pre-diabetes – and they may not have even known.   This number has increased sharply since …

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