Shopping? Support the Obesity Treatment Foundation

As you are in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, there’s a great way to use your retail dollars for good.  Via Amazon Smile, you can help support the efforts of the Obesity Treatment Foundation.


The Foundation is a non-profit organization with a critical mission.  First, the Foundation aims to help amplify the quality and quantity of clinical research.  Second (and near and dear to my own heart), the Foundation seeks to inform medical professionals that obesity is a chronic, complex disease warranting comprehensive medical management.


As doctors, we are currently under-treating our patients with overweight and obesity.  Often times, it is simply because we fail to start the conversation.   The Foundation along with it’s parent organization, the Obesity Medicine Association, is working tirelessly to provide resources to clinicians regarding obesity care and treatment, as well as simple clinical tools to help break the ice, and engage and inform patients.  Support the great work they are doing by clicking the link below, while you buy gifts this holiday season!


Read more about the Obesity Treatment Foundation here:

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