Reward Yourself

I’ve heard and said this phrase more than once, “Eat all your food first and then you may have dessert.” It’s funny how we mimic statements from our own childhood and use them when we begin to raise our own children.

I’m writing this blog to let you know it’s okay to reward yourself but it may be beneficial to use a different strategy not involving savory, rich, sweet foods as a reward. Yes, I agree – easier said than done! We are constantly faced with birthdays, weddings, luau’s, graduations, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  All occasions where food comes into play.

CELEBRATION = FOOD is the norm.

I had to change my mind set so that celebration does not need to equal food. We all have individual challenges or ques that may hinder us from choosing the right choice. But as we take one day at a time we can get closer to our goal! Remember its not a race but a journey.

During my journey I made little rewards for every 8-10 pounds I lost. I treated myself to several outings which I called, “Me Time.”

Walks on the beach to see the sunrise or sunset cost me nothing. We are so lucky to call Hawaii our home and sometimes we forget the beauty that surrounds us. Picking up a book to read and not feel guilty about it was also an amazing treat. Walking the mall and window shopping was a favorite of mine. I was able to spend time with my daughter and at the same time get my steps in! I must say my favorite reward for me was getting a massage from the OSR massage therapy staff!

On my big hurdles of reaching every 25 pounds that I lost I rewarded myself to a facial or a pedicure & manicure.

I truly believe by staying focused and positive you and I can accomplish anything! Now, what’s your REWARD?

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