Pregnancy and Excess Weight Dangers

OB/Gyn Dr. Claire Putnam relays her concerns about obesity and pregnancy for both moms and babies.  Besides preeclampsia (extreme high blood pressure in pregnancy) and gestational diabetes, the rate of stillborn births are much higher among women with obesity.

Whatʻs even worse is that many doctors are still not comfortable addressing these dangers with patients:  Dr. Putnam notes that in a JAMA study from 2011, only 45 percent of patients with a body mass index of 25 or greater (defined as overweight) and 66 percent of patients with a B.M.I. of 30 or greater (defined as obese) reported having been told by a doctor that they were overweight.  Weight can be viewed as a sensitive subject for women, but the risks of avoiding these discussions with our patients are very high.

If you are considering pregnancy, take action for yourself and your baby, and get your Body Mass Index measured as soon as possible.  You owe it to both yourself and your future child to be in the best shape of your life – and OSR Weight can help you along the way.

Source: New York Times
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