Ideal Protein Re-Boot

*for when you hit a plateau*


Breakfast: packet, as usual

Lunch: packet, veggies, and salad

Dinner: 2 packets, veggies and salad No meat protein

Snack: packet, as usual

Stick to soups, “jello”, juices, and pudding packets

You can make an omelet with 1 whole eff and 3 egg whites and your veggies for supper in place of 1 of your evening packets. Again- you can add another packet if you want to double the protein.

This will put you at 4-5 packets for the day. Try this for 2-3 days. I often found that 2 days was enough to get the scale moving.

Do NOT exercise during these days.

Remember LOTS of water. Add some lemon juice to your water early in the day to flush out your system.

As much as we don’t want to hear it, sometimes restricted can slow the weight loss, so a few days without should shake things up!

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