Ideal Me – Journey to Weight Loss

All of my adult life I have struggled with my weight. I have tried everything short of gastric bypass.  Most successfully I did South Beach Diet teamed with exercise and lost a significant amount of weight.  I went from 204 lbs on a 5’4” frame to 137 lbs.  I slowly gained it back even though I swore it would not happen.  Then I had a wedding to plan for.  So I did South Beach Diet coupled with Bikram Yoga and went down from 188 lbs to 153 lbs.  I swore I would not gain it back this time.  Then I got pregnant. Then I did Weight Watchers.  Then I got pregnant again.  I tried my best to eat healthy for the pregnancy but I still gained plenty of weight.  Just before delivery I was toppling the scale at 238 lbs.

Of course after delivery I did lose some weight with the help of breast feeding but it was not coming off as quickly as I would have liked it to.  So when my baby was old enough I decided to start calorie counting and exercising.  I was again 204 lbs and in just three and a half months I was able to lose 30 lbs on my own.

Source: Oahu Spine and Rehab
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