Are You a High-Level Athlete? How Ideal Protein Can Help

Here at OSR Weight Management (in Kailua AND now Honolulu!), our main focus is on reducing health risk factors by helping our dieters correct abnormal body composition.


You may not know though, that if you are a competitive athlete who is already fit, Ideal Protein can also be a great resource for you.


Tien Tran, MD PhD actually developed the very first Ideal Protein products for the requirements of France’s Olympic weight lifting team nearly 20 years ago.  These athletes wanted clean, highly bioavailable protein sources without excess sugar and carbs.  Seeing how helpful these products were in preserving the fit athlete’s highly tuned body composition, Dr. Tran then started using products with his patients who had insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome (and the rest is history)!


If you are an athlete looking to fine-tune body composition and improve game-time or competition performance, come talk to us.  We understand that becoming a high performance athlete does not happen overnight – to truly be elite, one needs to understand nutrition and self-care, starting with adequate protein in the diet (the building block for all the body’s needs).   You’ll also start with a comprehensive medical and metabolic analysis with individualized goal-setting, and we’ll develop a personalized protocol incorporating a combination of Ideal Protein products and whole foods, to keep you at the top of your game.  Email us at [email protected] to get set up a complimentary consultation!

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