As Halloween quickly approaches, it brings me back to a youngster growing up in Kapahulu and knocking on endless lit doors. October was the month of “free” unlimited candy. My friends and I would fill our plastic pumpkin holders till we couldn’t fit another candy in it. We would go home empty our containers and get more “free” candy! We did this for about three to four times during our two-hour limit given to us by our parents. Observing each wrapping of candy was our next task of the night. And for the best part – sorting out my favorite candy from the pile. Among them were the tomoame with toy, candy bottons, fun dip and pop rocks to name a few.

Like so many other family traditions, Halloween was one that my kids so anxiously anticipated. Jumping into their costume and retrieving as much candy as they could gather was their goal! Now as a parent I looked at these sugary treats as dentist visits and nonstop hyper activity for hours.

“Trick or Treat” which is it? I would say it is a “trick” if you think you can enjoy just a bite of this sugary “treat”.

I vividly remember eating just one gummy bear which eventually lead to the whole bag. After consuming the bag of gummy bears I walked as a zombie to the freezer where the leftover Halloween candy was hidden. Only to consume four more pieces of hard unwanted chocolate candy. I suddenly woke from a zombie state of euphoria and was puzzled of what just took place. I soon realized I was taken in by the sudden rush of sugar!

Have a plan this “Trick or Treat” season and drop off your unwanted candy with us! Do not become a walking zombie like me!

Remember having a plan is key especially with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s quickly approaching.

Trick or Treat…….

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