The Year of Ideal Protein

2015 was The Year of Ideal Protein was the year of Ideal Protein.

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As an obesity medicine physician who has been prescribing custom-tailored diets using Ideal Protein, I’m not the least bit surprised.

My patients have lost over 2200 pounds since April of 2015, and lost countless medications for diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia. Of those who reached their goals and phased off through the protocol into maintenance, almost every single one has stayed within 2% of their goal weight.

And as a dieter myself who shed 12 pounds (plus a dependence on Lipitor), and maintained this loss for over a year, I’m also not the least bit surprised. It simply works. When you choose to commit to this diet under medical supervision, the results are predictable, repeatable, and measurable.

When I decided to start my solo practice focusing on helping those achieve weight loss and improved health, I knew I wanted to incorporate a meal replacement product. Studies show that patients using meal replacements early on lose weight more easily and they keep the weight off better than those eating an isocaloric whole foods diet.

I must have tasted hundreds of energy bars, shakes, and other meal replacements from various companies to find a favorite. But it was Ideal Protein that emerged for me as a clear winner.

FIRST – Ideal Protein is only available through clinicians’ offices. Medical supervision is mandatory for the program for maximum safety and effectiveness. And there’s nothing ‘cookie cutter’ here – physician’s’ autonomy in patient care is in no way undercut. I custom tailor the protocol as I need to for each individual person.

SECOND – The products are clean and highly bioavailable adequate (but not high) sources of mostly soy, pea, and whey proteins.

THIRD – there is a huge variety of products – over 70 – and they taste amazing. I mean, barbeque crisps? A chocolate coconut bar? (seems made for us here in Hawaii, right?) Hands down, these were the clear winners in taste. And, when my 12 year old kept stealing my stash, that sealed the deal for me.

FOURTH – products aside, the coaching structure and protocols are incredibly effective. Education on weight maintenance is stressed from day 1. Dieters are listened to, supported, encouraged, and given the ‘tough love’ when necessary in order to succeed for the long term. It’s no good to lose the weight only to regain, and Ideal Protein Certified coaches are specifically educated to empower dieters with the tools they need to keep a lifelong healthy weight.

Remember though: as amazing and wonderful as the Ideal Protein protocol is that we use, it is NOT a vaccine against obesity or a magic bullet. We require a substantial commitment from our dieters: journaling, weekly office visits, and lots of communicating together at all times. We see it every day: dieters who give 100% commitment get 100% of the results. 90% commitment however gives you zero. It’s a lifestyle change, no doubt. But it’s one that will give YOU so much more, for the rest of your life, for less than you might think.

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