The Accelerating Obesity Epidemic in the Youngest Generation

Are Post-Millenials doomed to struggle with weight for life?  A new paper sounds the alarm that despite equal amounts of dietary restraint and exercise, those born more recently (Generation Z) will have a harder time maintaining a healthy BMI than those born in the 1980’s and earlier.

Why is this occurring?  The study hints at multiple other factors – endocrine disruptors, reduction in daily physical activity from technological innovations, changes in sleep patterns. 

The largest though may be the easy availability of carbohydrate-and sugar-laden junk foods. Tracing sugar consumption through the last century, we already know that there was a slow gradual rise in sugar ingestion, followed by a huge spike through the 80s-90s.  It is estimated that per capita, the average American consumed over 150 lbs of sugar per year in 2013.  Way back in 1900, that number was probably more like 5 lbs.   When you think about those numbers, the connection becomes obvious!

OSR Weight Management’s philosophy is to reverse that trend and break sugar consumption habits, teaching our patients to eat healthy for life.  And when keiki see their parents changing, they change too.   Our kids CAN buck this trend – let’s get ourselves and Hawaii’s Generation Z back to being the fittest in the nation.


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