“Reversing Diabetes Starts With Ignoring The Guidelines” – Dr. Sarah Hallberg

This TEDx talk really shakes things up for the New Year!

The status quo would have us believe that diabetes is a progressive disease requiring more and more medicine over time. Shouldn’t our goal be instead to cause diabetes remission, meaning patients should need LESS medicine?

Our goal at OSR Weight Management is to do just this: cause type II diabetes remission, and get rid of medicines wherever possible. By reducing unnecessary carbohydrates in the diet, the secretion of hunger-inducing and fat-storing insulin is reduced.

Now low carb is not zero carb, and it is not necessarily high protein. It also doesn’t necessarily mean animal fat – you can even be a vegetarian, and eat low carb. It works, and there are significant metabolic advantages whether you are diabetic or not.

As Dr. Hallberg so eloquently states, why do we use expensive medicines to treat problems related to food? We couldn’t agree more.

View Dr. Hallberg’s talk here:

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