Lulumahu Falls

Lulumahu Falls



Lulumahu Falls Guide by OSR Weight Management


  • Wear shoes you don’t care about/water shoes. Your shoes will get muddy and most likely wet, as you cross the water 3-4 times.
  • Same with clothes. Wear a swimsuit under your hiking clothes, the water is deep enough and the waterfall is worth standing under!
  • If you’re going after rainy days, wear bug spray
  • Take water and small snack if you’re planning to swim for a while
  • Don’t leave valuables in the car

Lulumahu Falls is a beautiful waterfall hike that is located right off the Pali Highway on Oahu. In order to get to this low traffic beauty, you have to park where the Old Pali Road meets the new highway. Generally there will be other cars there, as there are lots of hikes in this area. To get to the entrance, you have to go through a small bamboo forest right through the fence entrance. As of January 2016, someone has gone in and helped create an easier path by cutting down some of the bamboo. If you don’t get so lucky when you visit, follow the small trail on the ground and push through the bamboo (this is probably the most annoying part of the hike).

Once you get through the bamboo, follow the trail up the hill and to its’ end. There will be a concrete barrier across from the entrance of the hike. Make sure to read all posted signs. Once you’re at the entrance, the hike is easily followed with the path. When you get to the parts of the stream that you need to cross, there are rocks to assist you. If the stream is too high, do not attempt. There are a few places on the hike where you can either cross the stream or not cross, as the path continues on both sides of the stream. Choose whichever path looks easiest to you, if they’re following the stream they will lead you to the waterfall! There are markers on some trees identifying the easier or more common path. Make sure to stay near to the stream! The trail will take you directly to the falls!

Be sure to be considerate of other visitors to the falls and to make sure to respect the land!


The reason that this hike is marked medium instead of beginner is because of the water crossings. These take a little bit of balance and could cause slipping. If you’re wearing water shoes or shoes you don’t mind getting wet, you can easily walk right through the water. The trail involves minor inclines and declines but aren’t really considered “climbing”. Do not attempt this hike if it has been raining excessively as the trail will be muddy, more dangerous, and the stream tide may be too high for crossing. If you’re worried at all about the difficulty of this hike, do not attempt.

To get back to the road from the waterfall, you will take the same trail back, be sure to watch for markers on the trees that will assist you along the way.

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Take water and small snack (a restricted Ideal Protein bar is a great idea, to give your body a little extra fuel) if you’re planning to swim for a while.  Mangosteen or Tangerine enhancers in your water bottle will ensure that you replace any electrolytes from sweating.  

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