“Is this OK on Phase 1?”

By: Dr. Anegawa

Besides what’s on the Phase 1 sheet, dieters often wonder about the ‘extras’ – sugar-substitute products that may seem OK to incorporate.  There are sugar-free gums, drink additives, diet sodas, and of course those Walden Farms salad dressings.  Why shouldn’t we be able to add these in?


Overall, these products are probably safe to use without jeopardizing weight loss – but the key word is PROBABLY.  Even 0g/0g carb/sugar products still contain trace carbs and sugar – it is just that per serving size, the amounts are so negligible that it manufacturers are permitted to label it as as 0g/0g.  So if you ate an entire bottle of Walden Farms salad dressing in one day, you’d actually be ingesting a fair amount of carbs.  We don’t know the exact carb threshold in each individual for when you’ll be kicked out of ketosis – every person’s body is very different!


Some dieters are in fact quite carb-sensitive, and adding even tiny amounts of extras in can slow weight loss.  So if you are using lots of WF or other 0/0 labelled products out there and you find your weight loss slowing, you may need to consider cutting back on the amounts, or eliminating altogether.  And always journal EVERYTHING you eat, so that our coaches can help you understand your numbers and measurements in relation to what you take in.

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