Holiday Eating Strategies


Aloha to our Dieters and Maintenance-phase Graduates!

Time to talk strategy for getting through the holidays!


There are a couple different approaches to holiday eating:


Some of you are recent grads and some are only weeks from graduating to maintenance. Some of you will choose the “Iron Will” approach, eating nothing that would compromise your fat burning. Good candidates for this “Iron Will” approach would be individuals who are very new to the program and haven’t mastered a strong set of healthy eating habits yet. Also, those of you with only a few weeks left on the program, following the “Iron Will” approach will ensure you meet your goal when expected. Otherwise, you will extend your time on the program by 1-2 weeks by eating foods that would compromise your fat burning. So, keep that in mind. Plan to succeed or you’re planning to fail. So, if you’re traveling to someone else’s house, bring a large platter of veggies and some Walden Farms or bring a big mixed greens salad or some other creative side that’s safe on your program.

If you plan to use the “Iron Will” approach, here are some key phrases you can use to excuse yourself politely from eating things you don’t choose to eat:

The Crafty Dismissal: “Ooh, that looks delicious! I’m stuffed so I’ll just have to take it home for later.”  (Then store it in your freezer ‘til graduation, pitch it in the dumpster, give it to your dog…)

The Firm Hand: “Thank you for respecting the fact that I have some personal goals I am working on and, while that looks delicious, it would compromise my goals so I’ll have to wait. Thanks!”

The Medical Excuse: “My doctor recently told me I am pre-diabetic. I really have to watch out for foods that spike my insulin. I’ll have to pass.” Guess what?! If you’re overweight, you really are pre-diabetic.

The Allergy Excuse: “I recently found out I am violently allergic to that! No thanks!” I have used this many times and it works!! The one question you might get is, “Wow, what happens when you eat it?” and your response can be as simple as this. “You don’t even wanna know!” That’ll stop the conversation right there.



Thanksgiving comes once a year and there will be a number of dieters who feel they’ve earned a day off from Ideal Protein. If you choose this approach, here’s how we’d like to you to proceed if you choose to eat things that will compromise your fat burning.

  1. Moderation is KEY. Let’s not undo all the healthy habits we’ve built on this program. Practice regulating portion sizes- eat only 1-2 teaspoons of your favorite holiday foods and do not go back for seconds.  Skip the cookies and pies- they’re so full of fat and fast-acting sugar that it’s not worth it. Plus, if you don’t moderate, you may feel very sick the next day…ew.
  2. The “One Day Pass” is just that- ONE DAY ONLY. You are not authorized to spend the whole week of Thanksgiving eating this way. It’s not healthy and it’s destructive to all the new healthy habits you’ve worked so hard to build- don’t undo all your hard work!
  3. If you use the “One Day Pass” you must do the IP “Reboot” (see attached) the next 3 days following Thanksgiving. This means ultra low carb veggies and NO restricted food items (bars, puffs, ridges, etc.) Your pancreas needs to rest and recuperate from the abuse of the holiday foods, PLUS this will get you back into ketosis quicker.



This is not an acceptable approach if you are serious about changing your body, your health, and your life. We will question your motivation to lose weight if you use this approach. Here are some things to consider before “Going Hog Wild.”

  1. “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.” Have you heard that before? Don’t expect to do something the same way you always have and expect different results. Binge-type eating and lack of portion control is part of what let many of you to the weight at which you started the Ideal Protein journey. It takes an average of 28 days to make a habit but only one minute to break it. Tread lightly.
  2. You are likely to feel very unwell that night, the next day, or even for several days after. You may feel hung-over, even if you didn’t drink but overdid it with sugars.
  3. You will start carrying excess water (bonded to the new carb molecules floating through your system), feel bloated, and probably guilty and have regret. Wow, it’s so not worth it!
  4. That’s expensive!! “Going Hog Wild” will cost you an extra $100-$200 because it will stop our fat loss, waste at least 5 days of progress, and ultimately extend your time on the program as well as compromise your overall results. Again, is it worth it?

In conclusion, you have a choice to make about how you will approach the holiday eating. Please know that you still should write everything you eat down in your food journal. Make choices you can feel good about.


We hope you enjoy Thanksgiving Day and we hope it’s amazing for each and every one of you!

This Thanksgiving we are so grateful for all of you! You have been awesome to work with and we value the trust you place in us to help you meet your personal goals. Thank you for being so wonderful! You make our jobs joyful all year long!


Kelli Wilson, Certified Health Coach

Linda Anegawa, MD

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