Dieting With Your SO: Should You Do It?

One of the most difficult parts of doing a diet can revolve around your relationship with your Significant Other. If you’re living together, but you’re the only one dieting, it can be a nightmare – especially if much of your couple’s time together revolved around food-related activities like dining out.


Here at OSR Weight Management, we have observed partners that diet together often have the easiest time adapting to a new lifestyle, as well as achieving the best results from weight loss.  There are probably a few reasons for this.


The biggest hurdles to dieting are often the temptations to “cheat” on your diet, or eat foods that are not part of the protocol.  One great way to eliminate the temptation is to rid your home entirely of all of these foods and then not buy them at the store – far easier when both of you are sticking to the same healthy diet.  But of course, when you have a spouse who is NOT dieting with you, you may get some push back on throwing out all of the junk.


Another big hurdle is the daily cooking and meal preparation – on the Ideal Protein phase 1 protocol, it is required to prepare 1 protein-based meal daily plus 4 cups of vegetables.  If you and your SO diet together, you can share grocery shopping and cooking duties.  Plus, it can be an adventure to explore together what giant bags of precut veggies Costco or Samʻs might have week by week!


Diets can also cause mood swings. If your body was previously used to getting certain amounts of sugars and unhealthy carbs, you may go through withdrawals or major cravings for these items.  This can leave you in an emotionally fragile state for a few days when you start.  Of course, if your SO is also going through the same thing, chances are higher that the couple will be supportive of each other’s progress and listen to each others’ frustrations.


Probably the biggest advantage though of dieting as a couple though, is the joy you get to share in getting healthier together, and bonding through genuine lifestyle change.


For more information, attend one of our complimentary Infosessions here at OSR Weight Management.   SOʻs are always welcome!


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