Curing Type II Diabetes: Is it possible?

By: Dr. Linda Anegawa

A headline in the New York Times yesterday, “Hope for Reversing Type II Diabetes,” expresses great surprise at what we have observed in our practice:  an endless cycle of ever-increasing medications is probably not the way to go in the care of this dread disease.

Afflicting millions of Americans, Diabetes can cause kidney failure, heart disease, blindness, and nerve damage.  Long described as incurable, the medical establishment has had us believe that more medications in higher doses is the only real solution.

The study described in the New York Times describes the exact opposite phenomenon:  that weight reduction can, in many cases, effect a complete diabetes cure.

What weʻve witnessed in our patients who have gotten the weight off has been exactly the same phenomenon.   

Are YOU treating your dietary indiscretions (aka Diabetes type II) with drugs, instead of with lifestyle change?  Remember, with every bite we eat, we either feed disease or fight it.

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