Could Bite-Counting Aid in Weight Loss?

Hate counting calories and/or carbs?  Have you tried counting your BITES of food?


This is only a small study of 61 individuals, but based on the results, bite-counting in the absence of any other effort to diet may result in modest weight loss at one month (3.5 pounds in the bite-counting group compared to the non-bite counters).  


What’s the mechanism of the weight loss here?  It was suggested that perhaps the bite-counters eat more slowly because they are counting, which we know increases satiety signals.  The bite-counters may even have gotten so sick of counting, that they stopped eating early.   These may be partially true – but what is intriguing about this study is that it may be a partial measure of the effects of mindful eating practices on our intake.  Counting bites could lead to increased mindfulness while eating, and possibly then weight loss.


Regardless of counting bites, WHAT you eat of course matters, which is why OSR Weight Management places such a big emphasis on Ideal Protein’s high-quality meal replacement as well as the whole foods meals you cook at home.  After all, even if you are counting bites, it’s doubtful that you can lose weight if every bite is fast food or sugary carbs. 


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