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Can Morning Exercises Benefit You More?

Everyone has a different time of day that they prefer to work out. Some people enjoy a gym session or quick jog before bed, others like to get up early and get their workout finished before their day even starts. Could a switch up in your routine make a difference?

Researchers at Bangor University in the United Kingdom discovered that a.m. exercisers work out harder than those who exercise at other times during the day. This is because people generally have more energy after waking up than they do towards the middle and end of the day. Another great perk to morning workouts – you’re less likely to stay up past your bedtime. Because you’re getting up earlier before work, you’re going to be tired and ready to get a full eight hours of sleep.

Night time workouts can be rushed and sometimes not completed to the best of your abilities. If you’re more likely to burn those calories in the morning, why not? It doesn’t necessarily have to be the gym either, use the morning as a time for a long walk for the dog, or a quick walk around the neighborhood to get your heartrate up! Not to mention a morning workout is the best wake up you can ask for.

Could you switch to a morning workout?




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