Can Clutter Lead to Obesity

Can living in a cluttered environment lead to obesity? A study from Environment and Behavior led to the conclusion that people that are in a cluttered kitchen will eat almost three times more cookies than people in an orderly kitchen. The study found that the more chaotic the environment, the more likely you are to eat junk food.

This information was found by using two types of testing conditions; a stand-kitchen condition and a chaotic-kitchen condition. The participants were asked to write about which situations they felt the most out of control. The participants of the study that were in the chaotic-kitchen consumed three times as many cookies as those who were in the tidier kitchen. The participants were offered carrots and crackers along with cookies; neither of which were affected by the change in condition. The only snack intake that increased were the cookies in the more chaotic kitchen condition.

Are you living in a chaotic or messy environment? The findings of this study suggest that there are correlations between a stressful and chaotic lifestyle and the increased risk of obesity. If a spotless kitchen isn’t reward enough, maybe these findings will help you tidy things up around the kitchen to avoid unnecessary snaking.

There have been other observational studies that claim that living in a more stressful/messy environment can lead to an increased risk of obesity which means an increased risk of obesity related illnesses. If you think you are at risk, give us a call today at 380-6768!


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