Be You, Be Young

Have you ever heard or said these phrases “I’m too old for that” or “That’s only for kids”? I have and  let me tell you that we are never too old to be creative, laugh and have fun.

We often hear of a new restaurant opening and rush over to experience the cuisine and service. How about finding something else besides restaurants? Some recommendations could be visiting the Honolulu Zoo, Waikiki Aquarium, Bishop Museum, Pearl Harbor National Museum, Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii Water Park, Coral Creek Adventure Park, borrowing a book from your local library, taking a walk on the beach, fishing and the list goes on!

Let’s rewind about 40 years ago, I remember climbing up my grandparents’ mango tree to get on the roof top. My grandma would yell, “get down from the roof before you hurt yourself!” At a young age, heights were never a fear. As I entered my teens, I learned of the consequences of what could happen if I missed a step. I soon became fearful of heights. I’m not suggesting to climb up a tree but suggesting to bring out our youthful years that may have gotten buried within ourselves.

I recently made a visit a store that I would walk by quite frequently. I witnessed many parents taking their children there to play and be creative. I had asked my daughter if she would like to join me and make “slime”. Back in the day we used glue to paste pictures onto construction paper not to make “slime”. My daughter who is adventurous like me said, “sure mom, that looks like fun!” We got our kits, followed the instructions and for the first time we both made and created colorful scented slime! We both walked out of that store so proud of our creation and not afraid of what people may have thought.

Let’s tap into our inner child to make new memories and be adventurous!  Mine is slime! What’s yours???

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