5 Ways We Can Be Kind To Our Heart

Many of us get so caught up on our day to day crazy schedule that we forget about ourselves. Our calendar is filled with appointments, deadlines at work, meetings, etc. We need to learn how to slow down for a bit and listen to the beat of our heart. Our heart is what keeps us going! Listed below are 5 ways to be kind to our heart.

1. See Your Doctor

Schedule an appointment to get a physical done once a year. Getting yearly blood work done to check cholesterol and glucose levels is important. Your Doctor will be happy to see you!

2. Healthier Food Choices

The food industry has made it so easy to get food in our stomach while on the go from one appointment to the next. If we could just take a few minutes to cut our favorite vegetable or pack our leftovers from the night before we can save both money and calories.

3. Be Active/Get Moving

Exercise does not have to be a forbidden word. Start with one day out of the week to get a 15-minute walk in. Slowly increase your time and before you know it from one day a week you will want to increase it to twice a week or even longer. Your heart will thank you.

4. Drink Water

Make it a habit to never leave the house without your drinking water. This may prevent us from picking up a soda or something sweet filled with lots of sugar. For those of us who feel water is boring I recommend our Tangerine or Mangosteen Enhancers, it will definitely change it up a bit!

5. Quit Smoking

The nicotine in smoking reduces how much oxygen your heart gets. It also raises blood pressure and speeds up heart rate. Smoking also damages the lining of your arteries which could lead to a heart attack or stroke. Ask your Doctor for advice on “kicking the habit”.

The most important appointment of the day is YOU, so listen to your heart……One beat at a time!

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