New & Improved IP Products: This month!

Non-Restricted Chocolatey Soy Puffs are now available!

An upgrade of a favorite, the new formula for our filling, protein-dense Chocolatey Soy Puffs makes them not only more delicious but non-restricted too! Clients and patients can now enjoy this chocolatey delight as part of a meal or as a tasty snack and in a new, more convenient clear package, like our BBQ Soy Nuts and Sweet and Spicy Trail Mix.

With 15g of protein, our new Chocolatey Soy Puffs will continue to be a favorite amongst dieters! Savor the sweet taste of chocolate with every crunchy bite of our new and improved Chocolatey Soy Puffs!



Are the Chocolatey Soy Puffs restricted or non-restricted?
The Chocolatey Soy Puffs contain 15g of carbohydrates, minus 7g of sugar alcohols and 1g of fiber to create a total of 7g net carbs, making it a non-restricted product.

What are the benefits of the Chocolatey Soy Puffs?
The new formula for the Chocolatey Soy Puffs contains 15g of protein and is lower in sugars and carbohydrates than the previous one. Because of this lower sugar and carb count, the Chocolatey Soy Puffs are now non-restricted and can be consumed multiple times throughout the day.

How are the Chocolatey Soy Puffs integrated into the protocol?
Being non-restricted, the Chocolatey Soy Puffs can be eaten with a meal or as a snack more than once in a day. Enjoy them as your daily snack, or as part of a meal before or after eating your two cups of vegetables!


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